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Mahogany/Cherry/Cypress All Natural Wood Cutting Board With Juice Grove

Mahogany/Cherry/Cypress All Natural Wood Cutting Board With Juice Grov


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Our high quality wood cutting/charcuterie boards are precision cut, hand sanded, and finished with a food-safe sealant.  All boards are unique and will have different colors and sizes of the combined colors! Not one board is the same. Whether you're looking to add to your kitchen home decor, give a gift to a significant other or friend, or just looking for something creative, our personalized cutting  and charcuterie boards along with other products make great gifts for all occasions.

  • 11" X 18.5" X 1"
  • Handmade
  • This well polished smooth kitchen cutting board is made in the USA right here at Adelyne's 
  • Materials: Mahogany/Cherry/Cypress Wood
  • The length of this board lends itself to serving as a cutting or charcuterie board.
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM HARD MAPLE: Rich, rustic hand picked wood is used for a look that is truly unique and sure to stick out. It's the perfect gift for weddings, holidays, anniversary, Mother's Day, housewarming parties, or a birthday.
  • FINISHED WITH Big O's Wood Wax AND READY TO USE: Each board arrives in a fully seasoned state, with the first coat of Big O's Wood Wax applied so you're able to use right away. Our special blend of Wood Wax is food safe as well as odorless, colorless, and tasteless.
  • Each board comes with a complimentary 2oz container of our Big O's Cutting Board Wax, handmade with a special blend of food grade oils, and bees wax to give your board that amazing shine while strengthening, protecting, and adding years to the life of your board. We recommend reapplying oil to your board every 5-7 washes.
  • A full care and maintenance guide is included with each board purchase.
  • CUTTING SURFACE IS KNIFE FRIENDLY: Going straight to the supplier and handpicking each piece of wood yields an attractive and a completely functional result. Appealing enough to present as home décor, but strong enough as a cutting surface without dulling your knife.
  • RESPONSIBLY MADE IN THE USA: Each board that we produce is made right in Tomball, Texas from scratch, and quality checked along the entire way. All wood is kiln dried and carefully crafted to meet the standards we expect in a quality cutting board. The result is a solid, sturdy and reversible board that will last you for years to come. It won't warp, crack, or splinter if properly maintained.

    Each board is packaged in a drawstring burlap bag. If shipping is needed the board will be shipped in a box suitable for gift wrapping.

  • Each board is packaged in a drawstring burlap bag and can be shipped where needed in a box suitable for gift wrapping.